How to Invest in Real Estate (For Beginners): Make Your First $100,000 Using This Powerful Real Estate Business Model - Maxwell Rotheray

How to Invest in Real Estate (For Beginners): Make Your First $100,000 Using This Powerful Real Estate Business Model

By Maxwell Rotheray

  • Release Date: 2019-05-06
  • Genre: Investing


Venturing into the business of real estate may be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be.  If you have decided to invest in real estate and work diligently, choosing the right investment vehicles that suit your purpose, you are likely to reap all the wealth of benefits that accrue to smart investors.

When you decide to start a career in real estate investing, the first thing you should consider is that you are going into business.  Unlike investing in stocks and shares, where you invest your money and go home and relax.  You earn dividend and you watch your capital appreciates if the shares are doing well on the stock market. In real estate, you have control over your cash flow, and you decide the kind of profit you want to make.

No matter your situation, young or old, beginner or well-established investor, there are different types of investment options you can choose from, but this can be accomplished if you have a plan that outlines what you are going to do and by extension, what you are going to achieve.  Also, it is expected that you should have a real estate marketing strategy that shows how you go about accomplishing your goals.

If we should go into details of your plan, it will reveal some of the following:
Property types – is it going to be a rental property, commercial or vacation property rentals?Potential risks associated with the particular property such as economic downturn, timing, management expenses, etc.Sources of funds: how to buy when you don't have money.Returns expected from the investmentsThe right time to place your investmentWhat to do in order to achieve your investment goals
Both the game plan and the marketing strategy will show you the goals you want to accomplish and also the roadmap to achieving them. This book is a concise game-plan bible for making profit in real estate investing.

Following the strategies revealed in this book, you will avoid real estate beginner pitfalls and speed-up towards higher return on investment.